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At IDT we try to find low cost solutions to school requirements. Linux has no licensing costs and runs on lower hardware specifications than windows. While not necessarily appropriate for desktop use in a school, Linux does lend its self very well to server tasks. We can install and configure Linux servers for many different functions, some of which are listed below:

Web Servers
Using Apache (The most commonly used web server in the world) we can provide your school the means of hosting your own internal or external web site. We can also interface apache with your existing network and website to give access to network resources of your choice. This can be used or multiple purposes, from making it much easier to publish images, newsletters, podcasts etc on your website, to allowing students and staff access to a shared drive from home.

Proxy Servers
We use the program squid to provide your school with a fully functioning and professional proxy server. This can help speed up internet access, cache websites locally and even restrict access to inappropriate sites.

We can also configure Mail servers and Telephony servers as required.

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