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We can provide remote access to school resources via a number of different methods:-

Existing LEA Equipment
If your LEA has a system already in place we can set up a schools server to interface with it. This would typically involve setting up terminal server for the LEA’s Juniper or Barracuda box to connect to. This would then provide you with a terminal server remote desktop which you would access via a website set up by the LEA.

Access files from your website
We use a Linux web server to connect to specified resources on your network (shared work, staff shared etc) and provide password protected, download only access to them via your website. This requires public IP address from your LEA.
See Web and Proxy Servers for more details.

Microsoft Routing and Remote Access
This allows you to connect to your network and access it in the same fashion you would if you were physically there. It can be set up on an existing server and has no licensing cost. However it does require configuration of laptops/home pc’s and is not really suitable for student access. It also requires a public IP address from your LEA.

This is our favoured method of providing remote access to schools because it is so flexible and doesn’t require any configuration of the remote computer. We use software that creates a ‘tunnel’ to resources of your choice via a single port (443). Access to those resources is presented to users on a Secured website. The software interacts with your Active Directory server to get authentication details so users log in with their normal username and password. They are then presented with icons for whatever you choose to allow them, for example:-

Web based access to shared resources (shared work etc) with whatever file restrictions you have set for that user on your network.

Web based access to users home folders.

Home access to internal web servers (Knowledge box, Esspresso)

Terminal services remote desktop.

Map a drive on the home computer to a network resource.

There is no licensing cost for this software and the only limit on the number of concurrent users is the performance of the hardware it’s installed on. A public IP will be required.

Please Contact Us for more information.