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We install and configure sims for our education clients. We offer the following services:

Sims client installation
We install Sims on client machines for both office and curriculum (provided both networks can
communicate with one another).
Some of the advantages of installing Sims on the curriculum network:

Electronic register
Teachers complete the AM & PM register with a few clicks and the results are automatically updated to the attendance module of sims on the server. This will be especially useful when the schools learning platform is integrated with Sims (enabling parents to view their child's attendance).

Teachers input reports directly into Sims, either with the default Sims modules or third party software like IEP Writer.

Use the Sims calendar for the whole school.

Bulletin board & messaging
Use Sims for messages and information through out the school.

Other services we provide:

FMS Installation
We install the Sims Finance module onto
Office computers.

User creation and configuration
We help you create users and groups for your sims installation.

Permission configuration
We can help you setup the permissions correctly for different groups of Sims users.

We can also help with many other aspects of office software please Contact Us for details.