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Wireless networks can be a big plus at any school, allowing for free roaming access to your schools resources from anywhere in the school. At IDT we can create a wireless network geared to your exact requirements.

We will expertly locate access points for best coverage and signal strength.
At IDT we know the range and performance of the most commonly used access points, we know about wall composition and we know which materials in your school may cause problems. We use this knowledge to map out the best possible positions for your access points.

We will find the best channel to use for any given location.
Access points are capable of working on a number of channels. We will use our specialist equipment to determine which are the least congested for a given area of your school. This will give you the best possible signal for you wireless computers.

We will configure the wireless network with the most up to date security standards.
We only use WPA and WPA2 encryption to make it nigh on impossible for any unwanted connections to your wireless networks.

We can arrange network cabling if required
If there are no network points in the appropriate locations for the access points we can arrange for cabling to be run for you at a very competitive rate.

A note about access points
Access points are the devices which provide the wireless connectivity. A premises requires enough access points to cover the area that is going to be used for wireless access.

Access points can be supplied and fitted by us or we will fit and configure those supplied by the school.

A wireless network has to be considered carefully to make sure the hardware purchased is fit for purpose. For example cheaper Netgear or 3Com access points are perfectly capable of supporting a few roaming laptops but any more than that and they may be unable to cope with the volume of traffic. This causes slowdown and disconnects. For laptop suites Cisco or HP access points should be considered, for while considerably more expensive they are able to do the job successfully.

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