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We install configure and support almost all the software you would expect to see in an education environment along with some you wouldn’t!

We have extensive experience in all Microsoft software including Office, Exchange and the operating systems listed below:

3.11, 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, and Vista
Having 15 years experience in the computer service industry means we can provide comprehensive support in all these operating systems. Legacy versions of windows are often still in use in various schools, sometimes simply because older software does not run properly on newer versions of windows. We are as comfortable supporting the old as we are the new!

Windows Server
NT, 2000, 2003, 2008
We can cover every aspect of running single or multiple server networks. Active Directory, backup, user accounts, printer setup, trusts between domains, terminal services & remote access, migration etc. We have setup countless school networks over the years so you can rest assured that yours is in good hands

Please click here for a rundown of our curriculum network setup.


Mac’s are often used within schools for Music and video editing purposes and we can integrate any Mac’s systems you may have into your windows domain.

Linux is becoming more and more common in schools because of the opportunity and value it represents. Most Linux distributions (Mandriva, Ubuntu etc) are essentially free to use, created and maintained by worldwide groups of talented programmers.
At IDT we are very excited about what Linux can do for schools.

While not ideal for all applications (as most education software is windows only) Linux is now a fast, attractive and stable operating system. With free alternatives to almost every paid for windows application it can make sense in certain situations.

This is really where Linux comes in to its own. Because there are no licensing fee’s we can offer you fantastic facilities with the only cost to you being our time spent on site setting them up. And because Linux is so efficient we can often install it on much older hardware that you may already have unused in the school, negating the need to buy a new computer.

Please see our Linux page for more information

Admin software
At IDT services we can help with the admin as well as curriculum software. We have extensive experience with most of the systems in place in school offices and can provide a solution for installation, setup and help with problems:

Sims & FMS
Whilst the server support element is dealt with by Capita, we can help with workstation installation and support both in the office and in the class room. Click here to read more.

We can also help with most other admin software including Dinner Money and School Fund.

Education software
Over the years we have worked with almost every education title available. We use this experience in our everyday dealing with your schools software. Often educational software will have specific issues that we are uniquely placed to deal with and this means more time teaching and less time wondering why its not operating as you would expect.

We will always install educational software in a fashion that is most convenient for the staff and pupils. If a piece of software supports certain features we will make sure they are available and functioning properly and if you have software that’s giving you a headache we are certain to be of assistance.

Please click here to find out how we set up our networks and how we make running educational software a breeze!