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Put simply - if it’s repairable, upgradeable, installable or configurable we can usually do it for you!

New Computers
We do supply computers to our customers, however we can also install computers purchased from any source - we do not insist that you buy from us. Often the best deals to be had are online via large suppliers like MiscoEbuyer & Dell. We have a good relationship with these firms so we can help you get the best deal and the best after sales service.

If your requirements are more specific we can build you a computer or server to your exact specification, with the components either purchased by us or the school. As always our focus is on whatever’s more convenient for you.

Computer Upgrades
At IDT we can perform upgrades of any component on computers and servers. Our prices are very reasonable and we only use parts from mainstream manufacturers (AMD, Intel, Kingston, Seagate, Asus). We can also perform upgrades with parts supplied by the school.

Upgrading your computers is usually far more cost effective than buying new and can have a substantial effect on their performance. A case in point is that of memory:

There is a common misconception that a three year replacement cycle is absolutely necessary for the smooth running of a computer network. While there are substantial benefits in terms of speed from new computers, older systems have been capable of running pretty much all desktop and educational software for the last five years or so.

In a network environment hard disk capacity on the workstation is not so crucial since most of the software runs directly from the server and this is also where the work is stored. The crucial element is memory. An older system with 256MB of RAM will often see a two or three fold perceived speed increase with and upgrade to 1GB. And since this generally cost less than £20 per machine it’s a very cost effective way of getting the best from your network.

Computer Repair
We can repair any system in your school where compatible parts are available. Again we only use the best components and again we will happily install parts provided by the school if required. Here is a typical breakdown of the replacement parts cost:

Motherboard £40
Processor £60
Memory £40
Hard Disk £50
Power Supply £20

We do not supply laptops as they are not suited to specialist assembly and are best sourced from suppliers directly. We can however offer an upgrade service for memory and hard disks which can revitalise your ageing machine for very little cost.
We will repair laptops wherever possible. Replacement keyboards, hard drives, power supplies and memory are fairly easily sourced. However the cost of motherboards and screens depends on the manufacturer and can make repair uneconomical.

Other Hardware
We will help where we can with all other hardware. We can install and configure printers for you and recommend particular models for cost effectiveness and quality. Sometimes we can fix printer hardware problems if we happen to be on site although we do not offer a printer repair service.

Whiteboards and projectors are something that we have expertise in and although we do not supply them we can recommend companies who do. And once installed we can set up your computers to use them properly.

We can usually help with anything ICT in an education environment and if we cant we can certainly recommend someone who can so please don’t hesitate to contact us.